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Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a popular shopping and tourism district located on the west end of London. Home to a number of unique shops and popular cultural and dining activities, the busy London district is sure to delight just about everyone. The district is near a number of London hotels, one of which is sure to be a great place to call your home away from home while you are in London
Historically the district grew up as a result to recover and clean up a famous red light district that occupied a location known as the garden of the Abbey and Covent. In it's place a new open air fruit and vegetable market was developed, and became a well known attraction. The market remained in place until it was crowed out and moved to its new location in Nine Elms.
The district is home to the Royal Opera House. Almost three hundred years old, the Royal Opera House has been in operation since 1724 when it was known as Theatre Royal. Theatre Royal was built by the capital from the success of John Gay's the Beggar's Opera, and has become home to many world renowned performances The world famous Royal Opera House hosts music, dance, theater , and opera throughout the year. It is home to both the Royal Opera and the Royal Ballet, as well as a number of visiting artists. Recent past visiting artists have included Rufus Wainwright among others.
Covent Garden is home to many other attractions as well. The area has a vibrant and eclectic shopping district. Tourist travel from all over the world to spend time in the historic shopping district. Covent Garden Market has is a historic open market that opened in the late 1880's.In the 1960's the traffic around the Market became so congested that it was impossible for trucks to deliver the fruits, vegetables, and other goods to the shops. Because of this many of the businesses have relocated to Nine Elms. However the buildings are still part of London's history. Many new shops have opened up and call the Garden Home. Among these are a number of fruit, vegetable, and cheese vendors, as well as tea shops and clothing boutiques. The Garden is also home to a number of big name shops such as Burberry Brit, H&M, and the GAP.
The are is also home to over 60 pubs and bars. Locals and tourists are known to frequent many of these bars and pubs, a number of which are also listed on the CAMRA National Registry. Of historical note The Lamb & Flag in Rose Street is said to be the oldest pub in the district, but there is no clear consensus. Regardless, the Lamb and Flag is one of the oldest and certainly a true traditional London pub.
The district is also home to St.Paul's, also known as the Actor's Church, so called because of its close relationship to the theater industry. Besides the Royal Opera House there are 12 other theaters in the district. Theater has been a strong part of the Garden's history, and many directors, playwrights, and actors have considered themselves members of the church. St. Paul's still continues to embrace its history as the actor's church and continues to open it arms to theater artists and patrons alike.
Visitors wishing to spend their visit in the district will be pleased to discover many nearby London hotels. The Garden is home to a number of 4 and 5 star hotels with in walking distance of the districts main attractions.